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If you’re tired of washing your car for hours and never getting the results you want, Ceramic Coatings are for you. When you get a Ceramic Coating from ZJ Detailing, You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner…

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High Quality Ceramic Coating Dayton OH

What is a Ceramic Coating Dayton OH?

Our ceramic coatings are made with high-quality ingredients and are applied using the latest techniques to ensure that your vehicle receives the best possible protection. In addition to protecting your vehicle’s paint, our ceramic coatings also offer protection from harmful UV rays and road salt corrosion, helping to prevent rusting and other types of damage. Contact Us to learn more about our paint protection services.

If you’re interested in protecting your vehicle’s paint with a ceramic coating, contact ZJ Detailing today. We are a System X Certified Installer and can provide you with the best ceramic coating services in the Tri-Cities area.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating


Enhances the look of the paint

When we apply our Ceramic Coatings it will give your vehicle a gloss that you won’t believe.


Additional layer of protection from elements

Ceramic Coatings protect your vehicle from being damaged by bird droppings, tar, tree sap & corrosion from salty road conditions


Car stays cleaner for longer

The Ceramic Coatings we offer have self cleaning properties which will allow dirt to roll off the paint much easier, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer periods of time.


Years of protection

When a Ceramic Coating is applied by a professional like ZJ Detailing. We can guarantee they are going to last a full lifetime of the coating, we offer 1 – 9 year Ceramic Coatings.


No waxing or sealing for the life of the coating

When our ceramic coatings are applied to your paint it creates a powerful bond which cannot be washed away.


Makes removing bugs a breeze

We all know the pain of trying to remove bugs that have been baked on your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic Coatings are here help you avoid that, Bugs are going to be easy to remove.

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Ceramic Coating Packages

Executive Ceramic Coating


  • Full 2 Stage Paint Correction (85-95% scratch removal guaranteed.)
  • Wheels taken off, deep cleaned, inner barrel and faces of rims coated with Wheel coating
  • All Glass Ceramic Coated with System X Glass
  • Headlights Ceramic Coated
  • Engine Bay Cleaned and Shined
  • Full interior detail
  • 1 layer of our in house 9 year ceramic coating application
  • Reported to Car Fax

Level 3
Ceramic Coating


  • 9/10 customers choose this package*
  • Full 2 Stage Paint Correction (85-95% scratch removal guaranteed.)
  • Wheels Faces Ceramic Coated
  • Windshield Glass Ceramic Coated with System X Glass
  • Headlights Ceramic Coated
  • 1 layer our in house 9 year ceramic coating application
  • Reported to Car Fax

Level 2
Ceramic Coating


  • Full one step correction (65-75% Scratch Removal)
  • Rims and tires cleaned
  • Wheel Faces Ceramic Coated with wheel ceramic coating
  • Headlight Ceramic Coating
  • Windshield Ceramic Coating
  • 5 Year Ceramic Coating Application
  • Reported to Car Fax

Level 1
Ceramic Coating


  • Enhancement Polish (55-65% Scratch Removal)
  • Engine Bay Cleaned
  • 2 year Ceramic Coating
  • Rims and tires cleaned
  • Tires shined
  • Reported to Car Fax

We’ve Got The Answers!

What Is Ceramic Coating?
Ceramic coating is a type of automotive paint protection that is applied in a liquid form and cures to form a hard, protective layer on top of the paint. This layer is made up of nanoscopic ceramic particles that are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches, chips, and other types of damage.
What are the benefits of ceramic coating?
One of the main benefits of ceramic coating is its longevity. Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, which need to be reapplied regularly, ceramic coating can last for several years with proper maintenance. This makes it a cost-effective way to protect your vehicle's paint and preserve its value. Plus will cut your cleaning time in half!
When should I get my vehicle Ceramic Coated?
It is generally recommended to get your vehicle ceramic coated as soon as possible after purchase. This is because ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle's paint, helping to prevent scratches, chips, and other types of damage. By applying the coating as soon as possible, you can help to preserve the factory finish and keep your vehicle looking like new for longer.

However, even if you have had your vehicle for a while, it's not too late to get it coated. Ceramic coating can still provide significant benefits to your vehicle's paint, even if it is not brand new. It can help to restore the factory finish and protect your vehicle from further damage.

A Ceramic Coating is a product that is applied to your vehicle to protect it from dirt, scratches, and more. Ceramic Coatings can be applied to any surface of your vehicle, including wheels, rims, bumpers, paint, chrome trim, and more. Ceramic Coating Dayton OH also has an unsurpassed glossy finish with mirror-like reflection! We offer different levels of protection in order to service any vehicle, and to stand out above all the car detailing Dayton OH shops.

Ceramic Coating is a popular service that we provide at ZJ Detailing. We offer many benefits for your vehicle to better suit your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about the different levels of services that we provide for Ceramic Coating, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We serve Piqua, Troy, Greenville, Saint Marys, Lima, Dayton, Fairborn, Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Kettering, Centerville, Springboro, Urbana, Springfield, Bellefontaine and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to give you all of the options to make an informed decision about your service selection.

The Benefits of Having a Ceramic Coated Vehicle

  • Low maintenance and last for years.
  • Ceramic coating Dayton OH provides superior protection against corrosion, acid rain, bug splatter, and more.
  • This coat strengthens your car’s exterior with Native SBC (Self-Bonding Ceramic) technology, like a bulletproof vest for your vehicle.
  • These are far more effective than waxes or paint sealants. Ceramic goes all the way through your clear coat and binds to it, whereas waxes sit on top of the finish and they slide off after a few washes.
  • This also provides hydrophobic properties for your vehicle’s exterior. This means water beads and rolls right off the finish. Ceramic Coating also helps you maintain your exterior by keeping it clean and dirt-free for more extended periods.
  • Car detailing Dayton OH promotes high-quality services, quality customer service, and competitive rates.
  • Turn heads with a flawless finish every time you take a drive. Our experts can make a massive difference in the look of your vehicle with absolute perfection- and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

*For more benefits on protecting your vehicle, head over to our Paint Protection Film Dayton OH service page. Utilizing both of these services together will certainly give your ride ultimate protection!*

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