You spent how much on a dealership ceramic coating…?

💰Save money! Do not fall for the long term protection that dealerships offer👎👎. 🔥SAVE MONEY🔥 and get a 💎high grade professional grade ceramic coating💎 at ZJ DETAILING😎

🔥Our highest level of coatings are 50% less then what they are charging for this 2020 Corvette.

👎Are they certified? Is it a sealant, wax or coating? More then likely a wax…. typical wax last 30-60 days.

💪💎A high grade professional grade ceramic coating can last up to 5 years or some cases 7+ years if properly maintained.

👎🙄Another good question to ask is are they getting all the defects out before they apply the coating? Most do offer this service and if they do they tend to leave behind trace marks from the rotary that they decided to use.

😎A professional detailer will evaluate the vehicles need and choose the best option to remove scratches and blemishes out of the paint. They will also properly prep the paint so the paint surface has a good chemical bond to the body of the vehicle.

👎👎How long does it take a dealership to apply these so called ceramic coating… maybe an hour🙄🙄😭😭😭

🔥💪🔥How long does it take a professional detailer ceramic coating installer take to prep, and ceramic coat…1-2 days in some case up to 3 days.. Matter if it’s a 2020 Corvette down to a Honda Civic. We can assist you in making the right decision.

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